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Asphalt Batch Type Hot Mix Plant


The Asphalt Batch Mix Plant is a fully automatic SCADA system, using both HMI PLC and computer system, the plant will complete operations automatically eg. Filling hot bin, maintaining dryer and burner flame etc., and has safety measures in place eg. Flame check, digital fuel remaining meter etc.

The Plant itself is a Containerized compact design, making it easy to transport, commission, it requires minimal foundation civil work.
The container walls around the tower and dust control unit ensures better thermal efficiency, dust control and prolonged life of the plant and its parts.

Aggregate Bin

The Aggregate Bin system consists of four separate bins, each with their own separate gate system and drive system with gearbox, the gate system is adjustable and fitted with ‘bin empty indicator’, along with rubber separators and idle rollers to provide accurate material output.

The conveyor system has a fixed speed heavy duty drive system with gearbox, In-house jointed belt and roller system which aligns the belt, sufficient idle rollers to distribute the load.

Slinger conveyor

The Slinger Conveyor system has a fixed speed heavy duty drive system with gearbox, In-house jointed belt and roller system which aligns the belt, sufficient idle rollers to distribute the load.

The Slinger Conveyor is fitted with an as per standard one deck Vibrating screen with rubber separators to filter out oversize material.


The Dryer unit uses the Counter flow setup, insulated with glass wool and GI sheets, 4 Motor gearbox roller drive system with drum alignment,

The dryer itself is of optimal Air/Fuel ratio, with calculated angle and dimensions, and optimal back pressure.

The Flight system inside the dryer is a proven design, easily replaceable and easy to service.

Dryer Burner

Dryer Burner is a Modulating, PLC controlled burner with auto ignition and flame check sensor facilities, the burner is compatible with F.O., L.D.O., and Diesel fuel types or a combination of these.

Dust collection system

The Dust collection system consists of two systems, Primary and Secondary.

Primary Dust collection System,

This system is a Cyclone system of Baffle or cone type, It is an Energy efficient and minimal maintenance system with a role to separate the heavy dust particles (reusable).

Hot air from the dryer prevents condensation of water inside the bag house, prolonging their life.

Secondary Dust collection system

This system is a Bag house air Filtration system with automatic Pulse jet technology, bag house systems are 99% efficient, environment friendly, the bags used are heat and moisture repellent.

Another cheaper alternative with 99% efficiency and performance is the Wet scrubbers.

These are available in Chamber or venturi type, based on the flowrate of the exhaust system.

The Dust collection system has two discharges, for fine and coarse dust.

Blower, Impeller, chimney inclusive with maintenance gates provided.

Hot Bucket Elevator

The Hot bucket Elevator system is rigid with thick plates, uses a double chain drive with a Compact and adjustable chain tightening system, toothed top drive with helical/planetary gearbox, easy to service, maintenance gates are provided at various service points.

The buckets are designed to be heat and shock resistant.


The chute system has a NI-H wall lining for a very long life, service gate for easy and quick maintenance.


Staircase besides the tower and railings are provided throughout the plant, away from hazard areas and giving plenty of work space, all wiring is secured and protected, managed wiring and junction boxes on each level such that no mess is created, RFL boxes present and easily accessible on each level, open space for servicing and motor greasing.

Vibrating Screen

Four deck, easily replaceable Vibrating screen with imported sealed Vibrating motor and outer shell for safety and dust prevention

eight spring suspension system and optimal degree for the most efficiency, oversize return

Dust control duct provided to prevent dust from leaking, along with covering the vibration unit inside a shell.

Hot Bin

Hot bin Compartment with four compartments of optimal ratios, material is evenly distributed inside each bin, Dust control duct provided to prevent dust leak, digital temperature and flow rate meters installed, connected with the PLC for graphical representation and automatic control, Fully automatic, hot bin high- and low-level management system. Alarms at various conditions optional.

Weighing system

Independent four gate system with pneumatic control and load cell system

Weighing of Bitumen and Filler

Jacketed oil heated bucket weighing system with strong 3 load cell system, electric valve controlled,

Pneumatic controlled Filler weighing system with 3 load cell system.

Twin Shaft Mixer

Twin Shaft mixer with uniform mixing and fine grain compatible, pneumatic discharge, double motor gearbox drive system in sync, the mixer is jacketed with a hot oil heating system.

Liner walls and arm tips are Nickel Hard, anti-abrasive material for long life, durable and reliability, Liner and arm tips are easily replaceable, easy to maintain and quick service,

Surge silo container with pneumatic discharge to keep a surge and fill trucks without wait.

Control Room

Fully automatic SCADA framework system using both HMI and computer system,

Online delivered Production report directly to you phone or pc, along with the option to live CCTV feed or alarms, on site siren and buzzer systems available.

A setup of Wiring Room with Motor AC drives, VFD/VSDs, with managed and labelled wiring, and another operation room with the computer and HMI setup with AC and plenty of work space is provided all inside a container sized cabin. Easy to manage and transport. Operator training provided.

Filler system

Filler hopper with a screw conveyor feed from ground to the weighing box or similar setups available.

Bitumen Tanks

The Bitumen tank is heated using the Hot oil piping system inside the tank, the tank is insulated with glass wool and reflective GI sheet, gate valve system with jacketed heated piping, both digital and mechanical temperature probes installed for automation and diagnosis.

A set of small and large bitumen tanks is recommended for quick start of production and continuous supply of bitumen, example setup, Bitumen tanks of (20+25) or (20+30).

Bitumen Pump

The pump and piping system are jacketed and heated with hot oil, maintained automatically, this prevents any clogs in the bitumen delivery system and prevents start up motor failures due to clogs,

The plant has jacketed hot oil heating through the Pump, Piping, Bitumen Weighing system and twin shaft mixer system.

LDO Tank

The LDO tank is heated with Hot oil heating pipe (optional), both digital and mechanical temperature probes are installed for automation and diagnosis, The LDO tank is compatible with FO, Diesel, LDO (Bunker A/B/C, I.e., LDO 4, 5-Light, 5-Heavy and 6).

Thermic Heater

The thermic heater boiler is a Fully automatic heating system for the whole plant, heating is done through jacketed pipes with hot oil.

The heating is done through a small burner using diesel fuel, the whole setup is on ground and easily accessible for maintenance and service.







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120 TPH 160 TPH 200 TPH 240 TPH

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