Fully Automatic Concrete Batching Twin-Shaftmixing Plant (Ats-Series)

ATS-Series is a revolutionary designed model, in which we have used the design concept of very big capacity plants (like - 60m3/ r above). The belt Conveying system saves the time, reduces the maintenance and increases the output. This plant is suitable for RMC setup.

Technical Features
  • PLC operated completely automatic control panel.
  • Blade mixing technology with twin shaft mixer.
  • Electronic weighing system for better accuracy in design- mix.
  • Separate weighing system for cement and fly-ash.
  • Italian screw feeder, to pour cement speedily.
  • Password locking facility.
  • Water and ad-mix pour by weight.
  • Imported Twin Shaft mixer
  • Pneumatically operated gate for aggregate & sand.
  • Italian vibrators
  • Tabulated print out system for each batch.
  • No pit required only nominal civil work.
  • Heat proof control cabin.
  • Cement silo with vertical screw feeder (optional).
  • Hydraulic discharge system.
  • Pen drive support available

Technical Data
Model ATS-30
Mixer Unit Twin Shaft Mixer
Capacity (Cum/Hr) 30
Geo.Volume 1.7CUM
Rmc Output/Batch .5CUM
Filling Percentage 40%
Batches/Hour 60
Capacity (8 Hours) 240CUM
Number Of Cyclye 60
Number Of Compartments 4

Power Consumption
Model ATS-30
Mixer Motor 30HP
Gathering Conveyor 10 HP.
Slinger Conveyor 10 Hp.
Cement Screw Feeder 15HP
Water Pump 3HP
Compressor Motor 3HP
Vibrator 0.5HP
Chemical Motor 1HP
Power Pack 2HP
Power Supply 415 X 50HZ
Net Consumption 74.5HP
Recommended Dg Set 100 KVA